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Ruth Taylor

Ruth Taylor Chair of Governors

The governing body of any school is responsible for the academic standards, achievement and progress of children, and the well being of its pupils and staff. As governors of a Church of England school we also take responsibility for ensuring that our Christian ethos permeates every area of school life. The safety of the children is at the forefront of everything we do.

Governors support the head, Louise Yarwood, in the strategic running of the school, overseeing the setting of policies, implementation of the curriculum and  ensuring that the financial management of the school is sound; that is, the budget balances, and that every financial decision provides the best value for money, and crucially, the best outcome for our children.

Governors are volunteers and are therefore not paid for the time they devote to the school. The Governors’ Fund does not provide money to any governors. This fund is a requirement of all LDBS schools (London Diocese Board for Schools) and is used for the maintenance of the buildings and to pay for the LDBS services that we use.

 Trent’s governing body is made up of a variety of people. The Headteacher is always a governor and the local vicar is usually a governor, and is often, but not always, the Chair of Governors. Currently our governing body consists of the head, 1 staff member, 2 parents, 1 Local Authority approved, and 7 ‘Foundation’ governors, approved by various church authorities.  Governors bring a range of experience, expertise, skills and knowledge to the governing body.

Governors meet regularly for full Governing Body meetings, and for committee meetings to discuss the strategic running of the school, and to make decisions regarding the best interests of the children. They are actively involved in appointing new staff, approving the resources used to deliver the curriculum to the pupils, and supporting all areas of school life; from attending school plays to reading with children, to serving Christmas dinner!

All of Trent’s governors are friendly and approachable and can often be found in the playground or school. If you need to contact us at any time, please let Louise know and it can be arranged. If you would prefer to speak to one of us directly, please have a chat with one of our parent governors.

Members of the governing body (.28MB)

Governors Terms of Reference   (2.32 MB)

Governors Attendance Register 2018-19  (.25MB)

Governors Attendance Register 2019-20  (.25MB)

Governors Instrument of Government (.06MB)

Terms of Reference

TOR:  Governing Body   (.46MB)

TOR:   Resources Committee (.74MB)

TOR:  Curriculum Safeguarding Welfare Committee  (.8MB)

TOR:  Admissions (.67MB)

Governors are obliged to declare and register their business or pecuniary interests in the school.  Currently and historically a nil return is declared at every governing body meeting.

Each year governors consider their right to claim allowances and expenses from the school.  Currently and historically governors unanimously agree to forfeit this right and donate their time and expenses in support of the school.

Governors’ Gift Aid Letter   (.5 MB)







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