Inclusion: SEN/GT

Information on Inclusion

Trent School aims to provide all children with a broad and balanced curriculum within a secure and supportive environment, enabling them to develop their individual potential to the full.

The school has an Inclusion Policy, and practice is in line with the SEN Code of
Practice and LEA structure. The needs of pupils with specific difficulties and those of our pupils with exceptional ability will be addressed

We have strong links with a number of local authority advisors and services who will advise when necessary on appropriate programmes of work and behaviour. We also have links with the Barnet NHS to whom we can make referrals if we consider it appropriate. E.g. Speech and Language Therapy, CAMHS, School Nurse. The school has dedicated personnel from these services that have worked with our pupils over a number of years and know the school and its pupils very well. We work closely with Social Services to support our most vulnerable families.

At Trent we are very proud to have our own team of very talented, dedicated teaching assistants who are deployed throughout the school to offer specific curriculum support, motor skills programmes and family liaison support beyond their role in the classroom.

The curriculum of all children in Trent School is differentiated to provide for a wide range of ability. The thoughtful use of grouping assists differentiation, helping address the needs of all, including those of the most able children.
Occasionally, pupils may benefit from a small group activity or individual support which takes place just outside the classroom in our Independent Learning Zones.

In Key Stage 1 we run phonics groups for those struggling to secure their sounds and therefore holding up their progress in reading. Some of these take place as breakfast clubs. Breakfast lessons take place for pupils who may be at risk of not meeting the required standard in their end of year test.

We have access to a variety of intervention strategies for both Literacy and Maths to support groups and individuals with their learning.

The impact of this support is closely monitored by class teachers and the Senior Leadership Team making adjustments as and when required. Over the past 12months our rigorous tracking has shown that the intervention strategies implemented have had a positive effect on increasing the attainment of the vast majority of pupils who have participated.

Individual Education Plans and Individual Behaviour Plans are only drawn up when an individual pupil is having something different from and additional to other pupils in the class. The class teacher’s lesson plans take account of the needs of the groups within the class.

In very exceptional circumstances it may be felt that a pupil requires individual support for much of their learning. The funding for this support has to come from the local authority following Statutory Assessment of Special Educational Needs; there are extremely stringent criteria which have to be met in order for the authority to consider such an application.

Resources available in the classroom and school will, as far as possible, provide a wide range of activities to stimulate and support all children across the curriculum. Where necessary class teachers will provide an individual programme for a pupil with exceptional ability or needs.

For any pupil who is experiencing behavioural or social and emotional difficulties we draw up a support plan, All school staff are made aware of the content of this plan and it is implemented by everyone.

The Inclusion Manager is available to discuss individual pupil’s progress and behaviour at all parents evenings or by appointment throughout the school day.

All the above points will be set in the context of respect for the ability and contribution of all children regardless of aptitude, each respecting the other for the contribution they can make in their own individual way. We teach all our children to be tolerant to the needs of others, to be helpful and caring towards each other and towards all adults in the school.



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