Music Curriculum Statement

We are delighted that there is a rich culture of music at Trent. It is our endeavours to ensure all of our pupils develop as creative and confident musicians.  There are many ways in which we achieve this.

Year 4 are taking part in the Music Festival.  Click here to hear the songs:   

Aye-Mojinumba Part 1 Part 2Part 3Complete song 

I love rock-and-roll  Vocal part 1Vocal part 2Complete Song

Nobody knows - Complete song Melody (1) Nobody knows – Harmony

If we sing - Complete songHarmony

Sin-Jen-Jen-Jen - Complete song Harmony 1Harmony 2 Melody

Try everything - Complete song (1)Vocal part 1,  Vocal part 2 

In The Classroom

Three common themes form the basis of our music curriculum. These are;

1.      Performing – Controlling sounds through singing and playing

2.      Composing – Creating and developing musical ideas

3.      Appraising – Recording and reviewing

Children are also taught to listen and to apply their musical knowledge and understanding through these three strands.  As they travel through the school, children are taught how to develop as musicians in each of these areas. In doing so, they engage with music from a variety of genres, cultures and eras. Enthusiasm is high and is crucial for effective learning to take place. Class projects are continually reshaped to allow children as much input as possible into the music they perform and make.

We adopt as practical an approach as possible to music, using singing, movement and instruments to instil a working knowledge of dynamics, tempo, timbre, pitch and duration.

Different technologies are used to allow pupils to record, make and manipulate music. Our iPads have been an unbelievable asset, offering instant access to instruments and recording facilities and encouraging creativity and self-improvement.

We have some very talented musicians in our wider community and are so grateful for the time they give to our children, inspiring them and allowing them to learn a wide variety of instruments, better vocal skills and aspects of recording music.

 Special Events

In addition to musical aspects of class assemblies we aim to offer other special musical experiences to each year group. Within school these include singing in church, whole class instrumental tuition, the Christmas play and Summer Production. We travel further afield to take part in events such as the Infant and Junior Barnet Primary Schools’ Music Festivals and have also participated in Prom Praise for Schools, the Barnet Eurovision Song Contest and a World Record Breaking Attempt to be part of the largest number of people signing and singing at the same time (an idea taken forward by one of our parents).

 Regular Extras

There are specialist groups such Band and Choir who meet weekly and perform in assemblies and at some PTA events. We have even been known to go busking for charity!

Music lessons are available during school time for those children who wish to progress vocally or with an instrument on an individual basis. Some of our pupils also attend one of Barnet Education Arts Trust’s three music centres on a Saturday for instrumental tuition and to play as part of larger groups (talk to Mrs Orden for more details if your child would be interested). All of our children have regular opportunities to be part of a musical performance to a larger audience through plays, productions and class assemblies.

Each week we have a singing assembly where the children learn new Christian songs and practise some they already know. This helps us to use music as worship in church services and assemblies as well as it being a curriculum subject.

 The Future

As well as developing the use of iPads in the music curriculum, other current goals for improvement focus on assessment and communication. We want our assessment of our pupils’ musical learning to be as prompt and effective as we can make it, giving them ongoing feedback, recognition and opportunities for development.

We are also reviewing the way in which communicate all things musical to parents. (If you have any comments regarding this, or indeed any other aspect of music in school, please do let Miss Orme know.)

 Beyond Trent

In order to help our children to develop as musicians even after they leave Trent we have good links with East Barnet School. Benefits of these links have included:

•       Year 5 visiting East Barnet School for a fun morning sharing their music resources and expertise

•       Students from East Barnet visiting our school to perform and work with our children

•       Liaison between teachers, highlighting changes we can make to better prepare Trent children for the secondary school music curriculum.

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