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The BBC Bitesize website has some brilliant videos to help you understand parts of the new ‘Computing’ curriculum. Click on the links below to find out more!

Information to help with KS2 Computing

Information to help with KS1 Computing

Computer Science Information                          

How do we get computers to do what we want?

What is an algorithm?

What is decomposition?

What is debugging?

How do computer programs use variables?

Controlling physical systems

How does the internet work?

What is computer science?

What is digital data?

What is the world wide web?

What makes a good web page?

How do you make a good app?

How do search engines work?

What makes a good computer game?


Information Technology Information

How to create a digital video and audio.

How do digital images work?

Different ways to communicate on line

What is a database?

Creating and understanding charts

What are input and output services


Digital Literacy Information

Dance Mat Typing

What are viruses and Malware?

Should I trust everything I read on the web?

Computer Science Information

What is an algorithm?

What is code?

How do computer games work?

How do you program a robot?

What are computer bugs?


Information Technology Information

What are the main parts of a computer?

How do you make a video on a computer?

How do you save your work?

How have computers changed?

How is data stored on a computer?

How can you write a story on a computer?

How does animation work?

How can you make art on a computer?


Digital Literacy Information

What is a computer?

What is the internet?

How can you use the internet?

How can computers help you to learn?

How do people use computers at work?

How do you take care of your personal information?

How can you use the web safely?










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