Dear Parents and Carers,

Reception Curriculum Overview – Autumn 1 2018/19

The Foundation Stage Team extends a warm welcome to you and your child as they start school. We are very much looking forward to working in partnership with you over the course of this academic year. During their first term our main aim is to help the children to settle quickly, make friends and feel safe and secure at Trent. Our topic this half-term will be ‘All about me!’ We hope that this topic will help the children get to know each other and their teachers, as we explore and learn together. Detailed below is an overview of our learning intentions and some suggestions of how you can support your child’s learning at home. 


Learning intentions

How you can help


  • Ascribe meaning to marks seen in different   places
  • Look at books independently
  • Recognise and write own name
  • Recognise rhyme & alliteration


  • Point out print in the environment
  • Visit the library and look at books about starting school 
  • Encourage them to write their name on all their drawings 
  • Read nursery rhymes and stories and help them to identify similarities in words e.g. bat, mat and rat all sound the same at the end of the word

 Links to useful websites:


  • Counting and1:1 correspondence
  • Numerals in the environment
  • Counting abstract things e.g. claps, jumps
  • 2D shapes
  • Count everything e.g. number of steps to get to the end of the garden, setting the table for dinner etc.
  • Encourage careful counting by encouraging your child to touch each object as they count
  • Point out numbers and shapes in the environment

Links to useful websites:

Understanding the World

  • Operating simple equipment e.g. CD player, remote controls
  • Investigate toys/objects that use ICT
  • Internet safety
  • Autumn seasonal changes 


  • Encourage use of ICT at home e.g. help them to use a blender to make a fruit shake
  • Talk about ICT they see in different places e.g. self service tills at the supermarket or post office
  • Bring in autumnal items for the children to share and investigate e.g. conkers, pine cones & leaves


Expressive Arts & Design

  • Build stories around toys
  • Engage in familiar imaginative role play
  • Explore colour/texture
  • Learn new songs


  • Encourage them to make up stories about their favourite toys and include   props to enhance role play scenarios 
  • Talk about seasonal colours and changes in nature when out walking
  • Encourage them to sing the new songs they are learning at school


Personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • Settle into school and begin to make friends
  • Select and use resources independently – and tidy up afterwards! 
  • Taking turns and sharing
  • Begin to understand and follow class rules and routines
  • Talk about starting school in a positive light 
  • Encourage independence by letting your child do small tasks for themselves e.g. putting on their own coat & carrying their book bag and water bottle to school
  • Encourage sharing and fair play e.g. ‘my turn, your turn’
  • Stick to routines at home e.g. bedtime and make time for rest and relaxation – your child will be very tired during those first weeks of school

Communication & Language

  • Follow single and two part instructions
  • Join in repeated refrains and anticipate keys events in nursery rhymes & stories 
  • Games involving listening for a signal e.g. ‘Simon says’ & moving around obstacles
  • Encourage your child to join in as you read familiar stories e.g. ‘Run, run as fast as you can you can’t catch me…I’m the Gingerbread Man!’
  • Encourage longer responses by using open questions e.g. Why do you think that happened? How did you make …?
  • Talk about people and objects that are important to them
  • Answer and ask a range of questions

Link to useful parent booklet ‘What to Expect When’

Physical Development

  • Manage personal hygiene
  • Dress with support
  • Observe effect of activity on their body 
  • Understand tools and equipment must be used safely


  • Teach your child how to clean themselves after using the toilet as they need to be able to do this independently at school
  • Practice getting dressed for school, managing coats & other outdoor wear 
  • Talk about how their body feels at different times/activities e.g. first thing in the morning, after running, walking home from school etc.
  • Encourage safe use of child size scissors to develop fine motor skills – children often like to cut out pictures of things that they are interested in e.g. cars, Disney characters etc. 

 Link to useful article about helping your child to learn to dress independently:

Here is the link to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Class News

Phonics and maths workshops – 25th & 27th September 2018

Mrs Vassiliou has given you the date for your workshop as part of your new parent pack.  Later in the term, we will be running a workshop about how we teach readingat Trent (date to be advised) In this meeting you will be given more information about how you can support your child with reading at home.  

Snacks at school 

As well as our lovely school dinners, Reception children are entitled to free milk (until their 5th birthday) and one piece of fruit per day, as part of the Government schemes.  They have free access to water throughout the day via our water fountains and at lunch. We ask that you provide a water bottle – named and refilled with fresh drinking water each day.  Later in the term, if your child attends an after school club, we ask that you provide asmall healthysnacke.g. fruit, cheese or vegetables. No crisps, sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks. Please note that we are a NUT FREEschool. 

Best wishes for an exciting first term ahead!

Mrs Margaret Breheny, Mrs Martine Cagnetta & Miss Lauren Kirkham 


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