School Dates

School opens at 8.45 am and ends at 3.15pm, although many children attend after school clubs until 4.15pm.  Tea Time Club finished before 5.45pm.

Policy on Unauthorised Absence

Following the Local Authority direction to improve school attendance, the Governors will  fine families who take their children out of school during term time for a holiday.  Please read the advice on School Attendance and Absence from the DFE School Attendance and Absence. 

Here you will find the latest School Dates for students at Trent CE Primary School.

Academic Year 2017-2018

Summer Term 2018

First half:                    Monday 16 April – Friday 25 May (Bank holiday 7 May)

Half term:                   Monday 28 May – Friday 1 June

Second half:               Monday 4 June – Friday 20 July

 This gives 190 pupil days.

There will be 1 more INSET day during the summer term which is yet to be arranged.


Term Dates 2018-2019

Autumn Term 2018

INSET DAY:               Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th September

First half:                    Wednesday 5th September – Friday 19thOctober

Half term:                   Monday 22nd October – Friday 26thOctober

Second half:               Monday 29thOctober – Friday 21st December

 Spring Term 2019

INSET DAY:               Monday 7th January

First half:                    Tuesday 8thJanuary – Friday 15thFebruary

Half term:                   Monday 18thFebruary – Friday 22ndFebruary

Second half:               Monday 25thFebruary – Friday 5thApril

Summer Term 2019

First half:                    Tuesday 23rdApril – Friday 24thMay  (Bank holiday 6thMay)

Half term:                   Monday 27thMay – Friday 31stMay

Second half:               Monday 3rdJune – Friday 19thJuly

INSET DAY:              Monday 22nd July & Tuesday 23rdJuly

This gives 190 pupil days.


Term Dates 2019-2020 

Autumn Term 2019

INSET DAY:              Monday 2nd&  Tuesday 3rd September

First half:                    Wednesday 4th September – Friday 18th October

Half term:                   Monday 21st  October – Friday 25th October

Second half:               Monday 28th October – Thursday 19th December

Spring Term 2020

INSET DAY:              Monday 6th January

First half:                    Tuesday 7th January – Friday 14th February

Half term:                   Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February

Second half:               Monday 24th February – Friday 3rd April

Summer Term 2020

First half:                    Monday 20th April – Friday 22nd May 

Half term:                   Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May

Second half:               Monday 1st June – Tuesday 21st July

This gives 190 pupil days.

There will be 2 more INSET day during the year which are to be arranged.




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