Year 1

Welcome back to the start of a new academic year. We are very much looking forward to working with you to support the learning of your children. If you have any questions throughout the course of the term please do not hesitate to come and see us.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview- AUTUMN TERM


 1STHALF- Memory Box

2ndHALF- Bright Lights, Big City 


Learning Intentions

How parents can help…



Punctuation and Grammar)

Stories we will be covering- 

  • Poems by different authors.
  • The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark 
  • Katie in London 
  • A Walk Through London
  • Aliens love underpants
  • Various Non-fiction Texts


We will be learning and exploring:

  • How to use our phonics to write in different contexts.
  • To write in full sentences.
  • To use full stops and capital letters at the beginning and end of sentences consistently.
  • To use capital letters for proper nouns.
  • Using the connective ‘and’.
  • Using and saying adjectives to describe. 
  • Forming letters the correct way in a neat and consistent form.
  • As tempting as it is please do not all rush out and buy these books! These units of work are best served when they are a surprise to the children. We can then work on elements such as predicting. Please do however ensure your child is reading every day. 
  • Visits to the library-you could explore other titles by the authors we are studying and begin to compare them to the stories we are reading in class.
  • Read lots of non-fiction texts and discuss the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. 
  • Lots of independent writing opportunities. 
  • Ensure your child has the correct pencil grip and that they are forming their letters the correct way round. If you want to do some extra practice at home you could buy a handwriting book for your child to work through. 







  • We will be covering-

Addition, subtraction, properties of numbers, money, time, shape and space and word problems in all areas of maths.

 All our maths lessons will be practical with an element of mastering new skills. We will be learning to use hundred squares and number lines to solve problems. 

Ensuring all children can write digits the correct way. 

We will be learning to count from and back from any number in 1s,2s,5s and 10s. We will be partitioning numbers and understanding what each digit represents. 

We will be solving problems in different contexts.


  • Make maths fun! Play games.
  • Quick fire questions to extend the children’s mental maths. 
  • Constant reinforcement of the number bonds to 10!
  • Making up word problems for your child to solve e.g. I have 16 socks in the washing machine but I forgot to put in 1, how many should be in the machine?








1st half topic-Memory Box (History Focus)

We will be learning:

  • To discuss and recount changes within living memory.
  • Caring for babies and toddlers.
  • Study our local area and its features. 
  • Use the basic principles of health to create a healthy meal.



2nd half topic- Bright Lights, Big City (Geography Focus)

We will be learning:

  • To find and name countries and capital cities of the UK.
  • Using locational language
  • Using maps
  • Geographical similarities and differences
  • Name and describe landmarks in London.
  • Comparing what London is like now to what is was like in the past


  • Thank you for bringing in the photos requested last term.
  • Spend time looking through old photos and discussing what they remember about events from when they were younger.
  • Talk to grandparents about things they remember from the past. 


  • Have you visited any famous places in London? If you have any photos we could use for our display please could you bring these in!
  • Visit some of the famous landmarks we will be exploring in class.
  • Explore maps and atlases at home


1st half- Humans

We will be covering:

  • Identify, name, draw and label parts of the human body.
  • Associating senses to parts of our body.


2nd half- Materials 

  • We will be covering: Describe physical properties of everyday materials.
  • Identify and name materials.
  • Compare and group materials.
  • Perform simple tests.


  • Lots of opportunities to read non-fiction texts based on our topic. 


1st half-What’s it like to live as a Jew

  • To be able to name Jewish artefacts.
  • To know what the Torah is and why it is important to Jewish people.
  • How do Jews worship in a synagogue?


2nd half- The 10 commandments and The Nativity

  • What are the 10 commandments?
  • Why are they important?
  • Who are the different people who are in the nativity story?
  • Continue to read and share Bible stories. 










(lesson 1- Monday)



(lesson 2- Friday)


We will be learning to:

  • Change from one large body part to another.
  • Hold position for a short space of time.
  • Link movements to perform a short sequence. 
  • Balance on equipment.



The children will be learning the key skills needed in PE: Throwing, catching, balancing and playing as part of a team. 


  • Ensuring your child has their PE kits on Monday and Friday. 
  • Please remember (for girls!) to put a pair of socks in your child’s PE bag so that if they are wearing tights they have socks to change into for PE.












(with Mrs Kenealy)

We will be exploring the French language and basic words through various songs, games and books. Lessons will be interactive, lively and fun

  • Ask the children to tell you what words they have learnt and practise these at home. 


(with Mrs Ordon)

In music Year 1 will be exploring sounds using musical instruments, sounds around us and our bodies.



  • You can help your child by discussing with them sounds that they hear and encouraging them to describe how loud, quiet, high, low, fast and slow they are. You could also help them to notice how the sounds are made

Independence skills 

This will be a big focus for this half term. Our big drive this term is that the children:

  • Are responsible for changing their reading book (we will support them)
  • Responsible for looking after all of their belongings.
  • Remember to bring their homework to school and put it into the homework box. 


Ensure all your children’s belongings are labelled so it is easy for them to find if they misplace it. 


We have PE on Mondayand Friday.Please ensure the children have their PE kits on these days. 

Ensure your child has a labelled water bottle every day.

Reading books will be changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (2 on each day).  However, please ensure your child has their book and reading journal in their bag every day. It is important that you listen to your child read every day and that you sign the journal daily. 

Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be returned to school by Wednesday. 

Further ways in which you can help - 

  • Would you like to share your favourite childhood story with the class? Come and read to the class at 3.00-3.10. Please let Mr. Mealey know a convenient date. 

Things the children need

  • Could you supply your child with a colouring in book/puzzle book/activity book so that they can be entertained during wet playtimes.
  • Class Assembly-  Friday 14thDecember @ 9.00am

Best wishes

Mr Mealey and Mrs Balducci 

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