Year 1

Welcome back to the summer term!

We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable Easter and look forward to working with you again for our final term in Year 1. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and see us.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview- Summer term

TOPIC: 1ST HALF- Splendid Skies! (Science focus)

2nd HALF- Superheroes (Computing focus)


Learning Intentions

How parents can help…


Books we will be covering-

  • Where the Wild Things  are by Maurice Sendak
  • Window by Jeannie Baker
  • How high is the sky? by Anna Milbourne
  • A year around the great oak tree by Gerda Muller
  • Send for a superhero! By Michael Rosen
  • Superkid by Claire Freedman
  • Supertato by Sue Hendra


We will be using these books as a stimulus for our own writing. For the final term, we will be working on linking sentences together to write longer pieces. We will be focusing on how to plan our writing and use this to write stories with a clear beginning, middle and end. From this, we will be teaching the children how to edit and improve their writing to make it even better and to begin to spot their own mistakes.

In phonics, we will be applying our growing knowledge of phonemes to segment and blend much longer words. We will be using our understanding of syllables to help write longer words as well.

In our grammar lessons we will be looking at how to change words from present tense into past and future tense and what happens to the endings of words in these situations. We will also be focusing on word endings (suffixes) particularly er, est, and ing.

  • Help your child to become more adventurous with their sentences- can they use describing words (adjectives) and similes for effect?
  • Ensure your child is using a full stop and capital letter more consistently.
  • Using capital letters for proper nouns.
  • Ensure handwriting in neat and legible with ascenders taller than the other letters and descenders sitting below the line.


  • We will be covering-

Money, time, number, addition and subtraction, positional language, multiplication, division, halving and doubling, fractions.


We will be applying these into different contexts and exploring these in word problems.

We will be carrying out maths investigations using different equipment.

We will be securing our understanding of much bigger numbers including numbers over 100.

We will be having a big focus on mental strategies and ensuring the children are securing on answering key facts quickly.

  • Make maths fun! Play games. ‘Hit the button’ is a great resource for consolidating mental maths.
  • Quick fire questions to extend the children’s mental maths.
  • Ensuring children understand the properties of number e.g. 36= 30 and 6
  • Children can say what is one more and one less as well ten more and ten less than any number to 100.









1st half topic-Splendid Skies! (Science Focus)

We will be learning:

  • To name the different seasons.
  • To describe the different seasons.
  • To gather and use data about the weather to answer questions.
  • To compare countries based on weather patterns.
  • About Sir Francis Beaufort and Luke Howard and why they are significant individuals from the past.
  • To locate hot and cold countries in relation to the equator.


2nd half topic- Superheroes! (Computing  Focus)

We will be learning:

  • Who are our heroes and why? What makes a person a hero?
  • Discussing different historical heroes and their national and international contributions.
  • To discuss the basic principles of healthy eating.
  • Use observations ad ideas to suggest answers to questions.
  • Do you have any photos or books about different seasons or different countries? We’d love to see these and put them on our topic table.
  • Keep a daily chart of the weather.
  • Look at maps and locate the equator and different countries.



  • Read comics which have superheroes in them.
  • Research real life heroes- why are they special?
  • Dress up like a superhero and help someone at home!


We will be exploring :

  • The theme of belonging- what are all the groups we belong to.
  • What does it mean to belong to a group?
  • As Christians, what does it mean to belong?


We will also be learning about what baptisms and weddings are and how these are important to Christians.

  • Look at photos of your child’s baptism and discuss the occasion.



(lesson 1- with non- stop action- Monday (gymnastics)



Lesson 3- games with coach Pete (Friday)

 Games -

We will be learning to:

  • Use and apply the skills we have learnt throughout the year to team games e.g. catching and throwing.
  • Play cooperatively as part of a team displaying good sportsmanship at all times.




  • The children will be using the equipment to learn how to travel, balance and walk on benches, and the small apparatus.
  • Ensuring your child has their PE kits on the designated days.
  • Now that the days are getting warmer and brighter- scoot or ride to school.






We will be learning to:

  • Use technology purposefully to create, organise, store and retrieve digital content.
  • How to use technology and the internet safely.
  • How to use the ipads and the laptops in the correct ways.



  • Help your child to research some of the topics we are covering this term using the internet.




(with Miss. Orme)

In music the children will be learning to:

  • Explore pulse and rhythm
  • Look at tempo using different instruments.
  • Have a look on youtube at different instruments and listen to the difference in their sounds.

Independence skills

Please help to foster independence in the following areas:

  • Encourage your child to look after their uniform and possessions. Particularly their jumpers and jackets which are often taken off at lunch time and then left lying around.
  • Encourage your child to complete their homework independently- this includes making the time themselves to sit down and work on the set tasks.


  • Please make sure all the children’s belongings are labelled that way it makes it easier for them to find things when they misplace them.


We have PE on Monday and Friday so please ensure kits are in school on those days. The children will be doing PE outside so you may also want to send in green PE tracksuit bottoms as well.

Reading books will be changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, please ensure your child has their book and reading journal in their bag every day. It is vital that the children read every day.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be returned to school by Wednesday.            

Further ways in which you can help –

  • Would you like to share your favourite childhood story with the class? Come and read to the class at 3.00-3.10. Please let Mrs. Vassiliou know a convenient date.

Things the children need

  • Could you supply your child with a colouring in book/puzzle book/activity book so that they can be entertained during wet playtimes and any Golden time we have.  A book of blank paper is always a favourite with the children.


  • Flower arranging afternoon- Thursday 25th May- £10 per child (will be put onto School Money closer to the time)
  • Superhero Day- Tuesday 6th June- children in Year 1 can come to school dressed as their favourite Superhero! We will be having a drama workshop in the afternoon (more information to follow closer to date, there will be a cost of £4 per child)
  • Phonics screening test- Monday 12th June.
  • Class assembly- Friday 7th July @ 9.00am

 Best wishes

Mrs Chrissy Vassiliou and Mrs. Balducci. 


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