Year 3

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great Christmas. We are looking forward to another wonderful term with your children.  We at Trent recognise that your children’s success is often attributed to tremendous commitment from the whole family team, so thank you in advance for your support.  This letter is for your information, outlining the learning taking place in Year 3 this term; we will be covering the following:

Spring 1st Half Term TopicTremors

   Spring 2nd Half Term TopicGods and Mortals

Subject / Area

Links to previous learning 

Learning intentions

How you can help 


We will be building on the children’s previous learning in English. Last year they covered units of poetry, narrative and non-fiction writing.   

We will be using both of our topics as a stimulus for our writing. We will be researching these areas both in school and at home and using the information we learn to write in a variety of styles including poetry, narrative, newspaper articles and writing our own myths.


Our reading objectives will mostly be met through whole class guided reading sessions. This term we will be reading Escape from Pompeii, Volcano poems and non-fiction texts linked to our topic. 


We will be having a big focus on grammatical terminology and how to recognise these in writing. We will be looking specifically at:

-subordinate clauses including the use of commas

-apostrophes for singular possession 

-fronted adverbials

-speech punctuation  


We will also be increasing our vocabulary by using a thesaurus to find better words to use in our writing. 


Spelling is an essential part of the New National Curriculum. This term, we will be looking at spelling patterns containing suffixes and prefixes.


We will be continuing to develop a more fluid and controlled join in the children’s writing. 

Reading/researching our topic areas will help consolidate your child’s understanding in these lessons and support them with generating some great ideas for their writing. 

Please do continue to read with your child and encourage them to read to you daily. This really does have a huge impact in all areas of their learning. 


Periodically homework will be sent home to help reinforce classroom learning related to grammar and spellings.


We will be building on the children’s previous learning in maths.

The children worked incredibly hard last term to secure and develop their arithmetic and calculation skills. This term, we will be using this knowledge to apply across the other areas of maths. 

Multiplication and division: increasing our quick fire knowledge of the 3, 4 and 8 times tables and their inverses. The children will also be learning both informal and formal methods of short multiplication and division.

We will have a unit of statistics looking at pictograms and bar graphs.

We will also be further developing our understanding of money. 

Please try to make sure your child knows their multiplication tables. This is another essential part of the New National Curriculum and the children will be formally tested on them in Year 4.

Give your child time to logon to ‘Doodle Maths‘. This will really support their mental maths.  


Cross Curricular Topic 

History, Geography, Art and Design, Computing, D&T.

When the children were in Reception, they looked at volcano planets.

The children have already been introduced to timelines and how historical topics fit together in our Stone Age topic and in previous years.

Our Creative Curriculum Topic for the first half of the Autumn term will be learning through the ‘Tremors’ topic. This will include learning about natural disasters, volcanoes and different weather.  

In the second half term we will be learning about ‘Gods and Mortals, focusing on life during Ancient Greek times. We will learn what life was like for people during this time and how life in Greece has changed.

We will be using ICT to research specific questions in both these topics as well as a tool for creating and enhancing our work. We will be having a big focus on online safety.

Please give your child plenty of opportunities to read stories based on our topic. 



Mary Anning is covered in Year 1 as part of their dinosaur topic


First half term: Rocks

We will be learning to name and classify different types of rocks. We will be looking at the similarities and differences between different rocks and how they are used. 

Our inspirational individual will be Mary Anning.

After half term we begin our topic about plants. Exploring their different parts, functions and ability transport water. 

Looking through books based on these topics will be of great benefit. A visit to the Natural History Museum or Science Museum will really show these topics in action. 


The children are introduced to Judaism in Year 2 and we will be building on this learning. 

We will be following the new Diocesan Syllabus for Religious Education. During the first half term we will be investigating the question: What does it mean to be a Jew?

We will be learning about Judaism and what the Jewish faith looks like including the significance of the 10 commandments and Passover.  

On Wednesday 22nd January we will be visiting the Southgate Progressive Synagogue to help embed our learning of Judaism. 

After half term, we will be exploring the questions:  

How do Christians believe following Jesus’ New Commandments makes a difference? 

Who is the most important person in the Easter Story?

We will be learning about the Easter story through the eyes of the different people who were there in order to help us explore and answer the topic question.

Spending time talking to your child about what we have learnt during our RE lessons will really support them in their understanding in our topics this term. 


(Monday and Wednesday)

Gymnastics this term will involve using the apparatus to transfer the skills learnt last time onto equipment.

Each week in PE we will have a gymnastics and a games lesson. Gym lessons will be held indoors and games will be outside.


Please make sure your child wears their full PE kit to school on these days. Girls are unable to wear tights underneath their shorts/tracksuit bottoms so please make sure they have a spare pair of socks in their PE bag. 




Throughout this year, Year 3 pupils will develop their technique on the recorder.

They will develop their confidence and control on the instrument and perform both as part of a group and individually.

Pupils will frequently appraise their own and others’ performances, focusing on aspects such as note accuracy and musicality.

Pupils will learn to read basic musical notation (notes within the stave in the treble clef and basic note lengths) and be able to perform the recorder from the notation.

Pupils will also have the opportunity to create their own music using the recorder.

Please ensure your child has a recorder for each lesson.



The children will receive a specialist French lesson each week. They will be revising and adding to their vocabulary including links to the Creative Curriculum topic.  This term the children will be learning about words to describe themselves and their families.

You can support your child by discussing lessons or topics and encourage additional personal research or practice.

Home Learning

Home learning will be set on a Friday and will usually consist of a piece of Maths, English and either a Science, Topic or RE piece. Mental Maths and Spelling activities may also be included. Home Learning is due in on a Wednesday.  Please encourage your child to get into the routine of returning home learning on time as this will help encourage positive work habits and independence. We do reward children with extra raffle tickets for bringing in their homework early. We would be grateful if you could ensure your child’s home learning is checked and signed before it is returned. 


Your child will continue to benefit from daily guided reading sessions at school. Please make sure your child reads every night. Currently your child has a reading journal which should be signed each day by an adult at home. Please feel free to leave a comment if you wish. Please note that in line with our reading policy, if your child has not read for two nights in a row and has not had their journal signed they will miss 5 minutes of their play in order to read in school


Thank you to all who have organised the school pencil case containing the equipment your child will need this year. Each item within these needs to be labeled with your child’s name. Items regularly need replacing and we would be grateful if you could support us with this. The items your Year 3 child will need are: a clear pencil case, a school pencil, a rigid 30cm ruler, a sharpener, a purple pen, a glue stick, a yellow highlighter pen, a whiteboard pen and a whiteboard eraser. Your child will only need a pen once they have earned their pen license- we will let you know when to purchase a pen. We do waste a lot of valuable learning time organising resources for children who do not have essential equipment and your support with this would make a great difference.

Beginning of the day and end of the day arrangements

If anyone else is collecting your child, please do either let us know in the morning or call the school office. If we have not been told that anyone else is collecting your child we will not let them go at the end of the day. 


Please ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform each day, including a tie. Please support us in ensuring that the school’s uniform guidelines are adhered to. 

Important dates

Wednesday 22nd January – Class trip with Year 2 to the Southgate Progressive Synagogue  

Tuesday 11th February 3.30-6pm and Wednesday 12th February 5-7.30pm - Parent consultations

Tuesday 3rd March – Volcano workshop by Geobus

Friday 13th March- Year 3’s class assembly

We look forward to another fantastic term ahead. As always, please do come and speak to us if you have any further questions. 

Best wishes,

Mrs. Burden, Mrs Kakouris and Mrs Balducci

You will find the Year 4 Topics Overview here.


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