Year 4

Welcome back to the new year! We hope you had a restful Christmas break and your children are ready for a busy year ahead. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you and your children, and we know that we will have a brilliant year together. At Trent, we recognise that your child’s success is often attributed to tremendous commitment from the whole family team – thank you in advance for your continuous support.  

This letter is for your information, outlining the learning taking place in Year 4 this term. 

Throughout the Spring term, we will be covering the following:


Learning taking place at school 

Links to previous learning to use as discussion points at home

Additional ideas to support your child at home



Throughout the term we will be using high quality texts, as recommended by the Cornerstones Curriculum, to inspire the children in developing their writing skills. We will be linking a number of books with our first topic,1066, entitled I was there…1066 by Jim Eldridge. We will cover a range of different writing genres including: job applications, kennings, diaries, play scripts and letters. 

After half term, we will continue to use high quality texts, recommended by the Cornerstones Curriculum to continue to inspire the children. We will be reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, which links to our topic, Blue Abyss. We will cover a range of different writing styles including: poetry using personification, dilemma stories, biography, persuasive letters and ballads. 

This term in SPAG we will be looking at homophones and near homophones and spelling patterns including suffixes and prefixes. We will also be learning about tenses, conjunctions, punctuation, modal verbs, prepositions and fronting subordinate clauses.

The children should be able to build on their learning from previous topics this year:

The children have written diary entries as Boudicca for our I Am Warrior! topic. 

They have also written a diary entry in the role of Omri from our class book The Indian in the Cupboard.

We have also explored Gladiator playscripts during our topic I Am Warrior! 

We have also previously written letters where the children wrote in character to respond to an invitation. 

In previous year groups, children have studied personification, which we will be learning to apply. 

Additionally, in previous years the children have learnt about story writing. 

The children have learnt about writing factually through their fact files in Science. This should support their understanding of previous learning. 

Ballads they have written Christmas songs

Discuss the current topic with your child, and ask them what their writing targets are.  Encourage use of a dictionary during homework. Please support your child in completing their reading journals and by signing off their reading challenges for books read at home. Try to ensure that your child maintains their reading habit (at least 20 minutes every day is advisable for this age group). 

You may wish to explore different areas of Literacy through this link:




This term we will continue to use White Rose Maths.  This term we will be studying:

- Multiplication and Division (11 and 12 times tables, multiplying 3 numbers, factor pairs, written multiplication, multiplying and dividing 2-digit and 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers and word problems)

- Area (counting squares, making shapes with specified areas and comparing area)

- Fractions (equivalent fractions, fractions greater than 1, counting in fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, subtracting fractions from whole amounts, calculating fractions of a quantity and word problems)

- Decimals (recognize tenths and hundredths, tenths as decimals, tenths on a place value grid, tenths on a number line, dividing 1 digit by 10, dividing 2 digits by 10, hundredths, hundredths as decimals, hundredths on a place value grid, divide 1 or 2 digits by 100)

We will be continuing with our mental arithmetic, including times tables in preparation for the end of Year 4 times tables assessment, which will take place in the Summer Term.

Last half term we began to learn our times tables. They have already covered 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables in previous years. 

They have learnt 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables this year. 

The children have learnt about fractions in previous year groups. 

Children are aware of decimals due to their prior learning about money. 

Discuss the current topic with your child, and ask them what their maths targets are.  Continue to practice your child’s multiplication tables and support with homework if needed. Please ensure your child has all the necessary mathematical equipment in their pencil cases (pencil, sharpener and ruler).

There are some great maths activities on the following links that you might wish to use to re-enforce any learning:



Of course there is also the availability of Doodle Maths to support your child’s learning.



This half term, we will be studying Habitats and Living Things. Through this unit of Science the children will learn how to group living things in different ways; use and create classification keys to group, identify and name living things; and describe how changes to an environment could endanger living things.

After half term, we will be learning about States of Matter. The children will be able to group materials based on their state of matter (solid, liquid or gas), describe how some materials change state, measure the temperature at which materials change state, describe the water cycle and explain the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle.

Children have learnt about Habitats and Animals in previous years. For example, they have learnt a lot about animals and their habitats in their Year 3 unit of work Predators!

In Year 1, the children learnt how to classify animals by what they eat, sort animals into categories. This will help them with classification in Year 4. 

In previous years, Year 4 have learnt about different properties of materials. This year, they will build on their understanding of this. 

Discuss the current topic with your child, and ask them what their science targets are.  Your child may also be given homework related to our science topic, please support them if needed.



We will be continuing to follow the scheme of work from the London Diocesan Board for Schools.

This half term we are learning about Sikhism with the big question: What do Sikhs believe.

After half term we will be studying Christianity with the big questions: Do fame and Christian faith go together? How does Holy Communion build a Christian Community?

Children have covered Christianity as part of a Church of England School. 

You can support your child by discussing lessons or topics, and encouraging additional personal research or practice.

Project (Topic)

History, Geography, Art, D&T and PSHE

Our Creative Curriculum Project for the first half term will be based around 1066. In Art we will re-create and explore parts of the Bayeux Tapestry. In D & T, we will develop our embroidery skills linked to the Bayeux Tapestry. As a History, Art and D&T project, we will be creating a Norman shield based on the Bayeux Tapestry. This will allow the children to develop their building and designing skills. 

As part of History, we will explore the big question Why was the Battle of Hastings a turning point in history? We will do this through creating timelines, looking at different sources and researching different areas of the events and people in 1066. 


Our Topic for the second half term is Blue Abyss, as part of history we will learn about 19th century ocean exploration. In particular, we will learn about Jacques Cousteau. As part of geography, we will be learning about Rivers and Erosion to develop geography skills and understanding of rivers and erosion. We are also planning on carrying out some fieldwork to work develop the children’s observational skills to support their theoretical understanding. 

As part of Art, we will be learning from a range of artists including Derek De Young for his drip effects, Tacita Dean to develop their understanding of line and shading. 

Our Big Question for the Blue Abyss is Could you survive in the abyss?

Art and Design
- The children have already created shields earlier in the year. They will be able to use these designs to develop and evaluate their learning. 

In previous years children have learnt how to use and make their ideas into something when carrying out Design and Technology.  Throughout their time at Trent, Year 4 have learnt how to use a range of tools and how to create a plan and use it to create their own creating. 

We have studied the Romans this year, which should help them with their historical thinking during our topic of 1066. 

Please support your child as they carry out individual research and project work to develop their understanding.

You may wish to visit these websites to find out more about:



Blue Abyss and Rivers and Erosion





This half term we will be revisiting online safety. The children will also build on their understanding of Scratch to create an animation. We will visit the Discovery Hub to build on their understanding of creating movies with a general plan. 


After half-term the children will continue to build their understanding of Scratch and will also create their own personal blog. 

Year 4 visited the Discovery Hub last year where they started to learn about creating multimedia. They will be building on this during this half term when they visit the Discovery Hub for another work shop. 

Year 4 have begun to understand how to use Scratch in Autumn term and will continue with this during this term. 




In outdoor PE this term, Y4 will be looking at Netball, continuing to develop and improve their throwing and catching skills, particularly in game situations when playing under pressure, whilst also starting to look at the areas/positions on a netball court, and shooting techniques. In their indoor PE lessons, they will be learning about different Genres of Dance, specifically focusing on Spanish styles of dance, especially Flamenco.

After half term, we will be starting our swimming sessions at Arnos Grove. 

Year 4 have looked at Netball in Year 3, where they started to develop their throwing and catching skills. 

Year 4 have also studied dance throughout their time at Trent. 




Throughout this year, Year 4 pupils will develop their technique on the ukulele. They will develop their confidence and control on the instrument and perform both as part of a group and individually. Pupils will frequently appraise their own and others’ performances, focusing on aspects such as note accuracy and musicality. Pupils will learn to read basic ukulele notation including chord symbols and tab.

Year 4 began learning the ukulele last term. 

You can help your child by encouraging them to listen to a variety of songs and talking with them about how the music changes throughout.


The children will receive a specialist French lesson each week which will link to the Creative Curriculum topic.



PE Kits and Uniform

Year 4 will have indoor PE on Monday and outdoor PE on Wednesday. Please ensure they are wearing their full PE kit. All items need to be clearly labelled with your child’s name. Please ensure that the girls are not wearing tights. If your child is unable to do PE, please provide us with a letter expressing this. 

Home Learning

Home Learning will be set on a Friday and will usually consist of a piece of Reading, Topic, English and Maths. It is due in on a Wednesday.  As the year progresses, the amount will increase to help support revision. Encourage your child to get into the routine of returning homework on time and please ensure you sign the folder every week.


Your child will continue to benefit from group and whole class guided reading at school.  However, the expectations for speed and accuracy in reading in Year 4 increase dramatically.  Please make sure your child reads every night for 20 minutes. Currently your child has a reading journal, which should be signed every day by an adult at home. If a journal is unsigned for two nights in a week, your child will be in for their break time. 


Thank you to all who have organised the school pencil case containing the equipment your child will need this year. Each item within their pencil cases needs to be labelled with your child’s name. The children have already shown responsibility in looking after their own equipment, however if items need replacing, we would be grateful if you could support us in this. The items your Year 4 child will need are: a pencil case, a pencil, a royal blue writing pen (no biros please), a ruler, a sharpener, a rubber, a glue stick, a purple pen, a yellow highlighter, a whiteboard pen and whiteboard eraser.   

Behaviour Policy 

The Behaviour Policy has been clearly explained to all the children across the school. They understand the standard of behaviour expected of them and are responding positively. In Year 4 we will be encouraging and recognising positive behaviour by rewarding children who do well in a variety of ways, including ‘Star of the Day’, postcards home, marbles, certificates in assembly and positive praise in class.

We look forward to working with you during the terms ahead.

With best wishes, 

Miss Holmes, Mrs Murray and Mrs Erdwin-John

Key Dates

Monday 6th January : Inset Day

Friday 17th January : Re-enactment at Trent Park

Thursday 6th February : Trip to the Discovery Hub Islington (No Cost)

Tuesday 11th February: Safer Internet Day 2020

Friday 7th February: Water Safety Talk (Start of Swimming Sessions)

Monday 17th – Friday 21st February: Half Term

Wednesday 26th – Thursday 27th February: Gilwell Park Residential Trip

Friday 5th April: End of Spring Term

Swimming Dates

Monday 24th   February–Friday 3rd April (6 weeks)

Monday 20th April – Friday 1st May (2 weeks)

Monday 11th May – Friday 22nd May (2 weeks)

Monday 1st June – Friday 3rd July (5 weeks)

Year 4’s swimming lessons will take place on Fridays.

Here you will find the Year 4 Topics Overview.


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