Year 5

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the new academic year! We hope you had a restful Summer break and your children are ready for a busy year ahead. Year 5 is a fantastic time; it is full of hard work and good fun. We are looking forward to working with you and your children and we know that we will have a brilliant year together. We at Trent recognise that your child’s success is often attributed to tremendous commitment from the whole family team, so thank you in advance for your support.  This letter is for your information, outlining the learning taking place in Year 5 this term. 

Throughout the Autumn term, we will be covering the following:



How you can help

Topic: ‘Off with her head’ – Henry VIII and the Tudors 

(history, geography, art and design, design and technology) 

In history, we will explore the ‘big question’: Why was Henry VIII such a significant king, both in his own time and today?

Children will learn about Henry VIII and his court. We will focus on Henry VIII’s marriages and their significance for king and country. We will examine primary and secondary sources to give us a richer picture of the Tudor era. We will also study the English Reformation and the origins of the Church of England. 

In art, we will learn about creating texture and form in our drawings. We will be looking at Tudor fashions, drawing the different textures and fabrics we see in these, and the children will then create their own portraits of a Tudor.  

In DT, children will be designing a Tudor signet ring. We will learn about their significance in the Tudor era and use 3D materials to create a larger version of a signet ring.

In geography, children will be thinking about the changes in our locality over time. We look at Tudor maps of London and consider why many settlements during that time were built on a river.

Discuss lessons with your child, ask them questions and encourage personal research.


Linked to our Henry VIII, we will be exploring a range of quality texts to inspire our writing including ‘Treason’ by Berlie Doherty. These class books will inspire our writing across a range of genres including letters, diary entries, newspaper reports, poetry, narratives, play scripts and non-chronological reports.  

We will finish the term with a class debate considering the execution of Anne Boleyn; developing both the children’s presentation and persuasive language skills.

On Friday morning Mrs Kenealy will be leading a poetry topic focusing on a variety of poetic devices and well as the children’s creative writing skills.

SPaG will be taught daily in order to support our writing in English lessons and children will be given a weekly spelling test on Wednesdays linked to the spellings set in weekly homework.

Guided reading will also be taught daily. It will be taught in whole-class and small focus groups sessions. A class book will be shared at the end of each day.



Discuss the current topic with your child, ask them what their targets are and how they can improve their writing. Please encourage the use of a dictionary and thesaurus at home, and to take extra care with presentation when completing homework activities. 

Children will bring home a leveled book and should be encouraged to read every day and be able to answer questions about what they have read, as well as give their opinions about the text. Please ask children a range of questions about what they have read to help develop their understanding. A list of example questions can be found on the ‘Book Talk’ page in your child’s reading journal to help support you when reading with your child. Please sign your child’s reading journal on a daily basis so we can see that your child has been reading at home.



We will follow the National Curriculum objectives for year 5, with great emphasis on reasoning skills. 

At the beginning of the Autumn Term we will focus on giving the children a really secure base in number and place value.

During the term, children will complete mental maths and times tables tests in order to track progress.  There will also be opportunities to practice longer worded questions in order to prepare children for the tests.

Make sure your child knows all of their multiplication tables and support them with homework if needed. Every week, your child will bring home a piece of Maths homework linked to the topic we have covered in class.


During Autumn term 1, our topic will be ‘Properties and Changes of Materials.’

Children will learn how to: compare andcategorisematerials based on physical properties; give reasons for the use of everyday materials based on their physical properties; separate mixtures through sieving, filtering and evaporating; demonstrate the difference between dissolving and melting; and understand what reversible and irreversible changes are. 

Discuss the topic at home and ask questions about what they have learnt. Encourage your child to read non-fiction books related to the topic and share new concepts.

Religious Education 

Our first topic in RE is ‘What are the 5 pillars of Islam and why are they important to Muslims?’ We will be looking at some of the pillars of Islam in more depth, and also at how Muslims show commitment in their faith.

You can support your child by discussing lessons or topics and encourage additional personal research or practice.


Children will have two weekly PE sessions taught by Non Stop Action. 

PE will take place on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Please support your child to become independent in packing their PE bag, ensuring they have the correct kit.


Year 5 will have weekly music lessons throughout the Autumn term taught by Mrs Ordon on a Friday afternoon. 

Year 5 pupils will develop their technique on the ukulele.

They will develop their confidence and control on the instrument and perform both as part of a group and individually. Pupils will frequently appraise their own and others’ performances, focusing on aspects such as note accuracy and musicality. Pupils will learn to read basic ukulele notation including chord symbols and tab.

You can support your child by discussing lessons or topics and encourage additional personal research or practice.


Ms Kenealy will teach French lessons during the Autumn term where children will learn a range of French vocabulary through song, games and role play. 

You can support your child by discussing lessons or topics and encourage additional personal research or practice.


Year 5 will have PE sessions on a Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure they have full Trent PE kit with them, including trainers, plimsolls and suitable outdoor attire. Please could you provide girls with a spare pair of socks to change in to when they are wearing tights to school.


Homework will be set on a Friday and will usually consist of a piece of Maths, English (including spellings) and a piece of Topic homework. 

Homework is due in on a Wednesday.  Please encourage your child to get into the routine of returning homework on time as this will help prepare them for Year 6 and Secondary School. Talk homework will be set so that children can discuss their ideas before completing a piece of extended writing.


The expectations for speed and accuracy in reading in Year 5 increases from Year 4 so please make sure your child reads every night. Your child will have a reading record which should be signed each day by an adult at home. These will be checked at various times by the adults reading with your child. Please refer to the ‘Book Talk’ page in your child’s reading journal to help support you when reading with your child.


Thank you to all who have bought the school pencil case containing the equipment your child will need for this year. The children have already shown responsibility in looking after their own equipment, however if items need replacing, we would be grateful if you could support us in this. The items your child will need are: a clear pencil case, a pencil, a royal blue writing pen (no biros please), a ruler, a sharpener, a rubber, a glue stick, a purple pen and a whiteboard pen. 

Due to the volume of work completed in Year 5, children do need items in their pencil case replacing regularly. Please check with your child on a regular basis if they need any new items. 

If you wish to provide your child with earphones to keep in their tray to use when using the iPads then please feel free to do so. Your child is responsible for their earphones.  

Please provide your child with a water bottle every day and a healthy fruit snack to eat during morning break time. 

Wet Play 

If your Year 5 child would like to bring a puzzle or colouring book as a wet play activity, this may be kept in their tray.

Behaviour Policy 

The Behaviour Policy has been clearly explained to all the children across the school. They understand the standard of behaviour expected of them and are responding positively. In Year 5, we will be encouraging and recognising positive behaviour by rewarding children who do well in a variety of ways.

We look forward to working with you during the terms ahead and we know it will be a brilliant year. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

With Best Wishes, 

Miss Bond (Class teacher), Mrs Kenealy (Teaching Assistant)

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