Year 6

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back for the Summer Term. The children seem full of enthusiasm for their final term at Trent Primary School and have been excitedly discussing their aims for the term ahead. We know that their success is due to your support and commitment at home, so listed below is a plan of our topics this term and some ways you can help your child achieve their best. 

Subject / Area

Learning intentions

How you can help



Building up to SATs (in just 2 weeks time) there will be a strong focus on spelling, grammar and comprehension skills.


As the writing deadline is after the SATs, we will continue with our writing to ensure that children achieve the best result possible. We will be focusing on a range of genres, beginning with narratives and recounts based on visual stimuli to enthuse the children.


Please continue to encourage daily reading at home.

Spelling, grammar and comprehension homework will be set this term. Please discuss this work with your child.


Remind children that SATs are now fast approaching and revision is an important skill in preparation for secondary school. Please use the revision material that you have bought for your child or the revision booklets which have been provided for them.


The Key Stage 2 SATs apps are very useful to use as practice, so that the children get used to the layout, vocabulary and format of formal tests.




For the first half term, Maths will continue to be taught in smaller, focused groups. We will be revising the primary school curriculum in preparation for SATs as well as working through investigations and mathematical puzzles. 


After the SATs, we will complete some transitional projects to prepare the pupils for secondary school.


Again, remind children that SATs are now fast approaching and revision is an important skill in preparation for secondary school. Interactive exam practice can be found on and each child now has their own login. Please ensure that your child is practising at the appropriate level for their capability.


Another useful website is the Woodlands school one:


Maths games can be found here:




With an emphasis on hands-on and practical lessons, the topic this term will be: Light and Electricity.


Please discuss topics with your child and encourage personal research.  Some of the spellings will be scientific vocabulary, relating to the subject area studied. It would be useful to discuss the meanings of the given words as they are being learnt. 




For the first half term our topic is titled: What does it mean to be a Muslim? The main focus is on the practices and ways of life for Muslim people. We will also focus on the values and commitments that form the basis of the religion.


The RE topic for the second half term is yet to be confirmed but you will be informed closer to the time.



You can support your child by discussing lessons or topics and encourage additional personal research or practice.

Topic / PHSCE / Computing


Children will take part in auditions for the end-of-year production and rehearsals will also take part during this time.


Some lessons will be centred around preparing for the performance i.e. art work, music, props and costume making.


Other things we will be preparing for are our residential trip to Kent as well as a secondary school transition unit to complete.


Using the Barnet PSHCE framework, we will be covering the topic ‘Sex and Relationships’, where some lessons will be taught in single sex classes.


After SATs, Computing will be taught and a Scratch coding project will be undertaken.



You can support your child by discussing lessons, encourage questions and personal research. You can also encourage them to prepare for auditions and help them to learn their parts and songs for the performance.





This term Year 6 will be taught gymnastics on a Friday and athletics on a Wednesday.


Please support your child to become independent in remembering their P.E. kit.




The children will receive a Music lesson by a specialist teacher each week, which will link to our end of year production.




You could support them in learning songs for the production once the words are brought home, and by encouraging them to bring in musical instruments, that they feel confident playing, to the relevant music lessons.





The children will receive a French lesson by Mrs Charlton each week. They will be learning the vocabulary linked to clothing and items within the home.



You can support your child by discussing lessons or topics and encourage additional personal research or practice.


Year 6 will continue to have indoor P.E. on Friday and outdoor P.E. on Wednesdays. Please ensure they have full P.E kit with them including trainers, spare clean socks, plimsolls and suitable outdoor attire.


Your child will continue to benefit from group and guided reading at school. Your child’s reading group may change this term as they receive a new reading record, which will enable you to see the targets they are working towards.  Thank you for your support in encouraging your child to read every night for at least 20 minutes.


The children have been very responsible in looking after their own equipment, although some items may need replacing at this time. The equipment your Year 6 child will need are: A pencil case, a pencil, a royal blue writing pen (no biros please,) a ruler, a sharpener, a rubber, a glue stick, a protractor and a calculator.   

Behaviour Policy

The children in Year 6 have responded very well to the Trent School Behaviour Policy. They understand the standard of behaviour expected of them at all times and continue to be engaged in their lessons with minimum disruptions or distractions. Thank you for your support in this. In Year 6 we will continue to encourage and recognise positive behavior by rewarding children who do well in a variety of ways, including the opportunity of ‘Golden Time’ on a Friday afternoon, certificates and raffle tickets.


On Friday 12th May, we will be having a picnic at Trent Park. I will send out a letter to advise on which items your child could bring along. We will be participating in a junior citizen morning which will be run by the Metropolitan Police. The date for this is still to be confirmed. Again, this is a session targeted at Year 6 to prepare them for their transition into secondary school.

This term we will have our Year 6 School Journey to Kent (Monday12th – Thursday 15th June). We will be holding a meeting in May to discuss the final details for this.

Thank you again for your ongoing support, if you have any questions regarding the SATs, or our Topics this term please feel free to make an appointment to see me. 


The Year 6 SATs tests this year will begin on Monday 8th May and finish on Thursday 11th May.

Monday 8th May: National Reading Test

Tuesday 9th May: National SPaG Tests

Wednesday 10th May: National Maths Tests

Thursday 11th May: National Maths Tests continued

With Best Wishes,

Miss Bazzoni (Class Teacher)

Mrs Murray (Class TA)


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